New Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The Bold, Innovative, and Compact SUV

The New Alfa Romeo Stelvio draws inspiration from the legendary mountain pass linking Italy to Switzerland, with 48 hairpins in quick succession. The Stelvio pass is widely seen as one of the most beautiful and engaging roads on the planet. Therefore it is the ideal place to put the All-New Alfa Romeo Stelvio to the test.

The Stelvio rewrites the rules of its class, to become the ideal car for those who won’t settle for less, offering the versatility of an SUV with the performance of the latest benchmark in sports saloons. Built in the Cassino plant, situated between Naples and Rome, the All-New Alfa Romeo Stelvio is created alongside the stunning.


Inspired by Iconic Alfa Romeo Design

Alfa Romeo has always created unique cars that put the driver and their enjoyment, at the heart of their design.

Emotion Lies in the Details

Bringing together hi-tech elements and superior quality components, a selection of surfaces and materials are available for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

Inserts of wood (Walnut or Silverwood), brushed aluminium, leather upholstery or technical fabrics; all selected and finished as only Italian craftsmen know how.

An SUV Made the Alfa Romeo Way

Every single line of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio bears witness to the brands uncompromising quest for stunning design. That’s why the solid, substantial proportions of the SUV generate a striking new harmony with the brand’s defining features. The contours of the front end yield a first-class drag co-efficient, despite the car’s volume, without sacrificing Alfa Romeo’s trademark trilobe grille. Never before has a car of this height appeared to have such energy, meaning that even before you get behind the wheel, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is raising your pulse.

Accomodate Every Sense

The exquisitely finished interior of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio provides space and harmony for the driver and passengers. In keeping with Alfa Romeo tradition, the driver takes centre stage, with full command of the controls and the road ahead from the typically enveloping - but now raised - driving position creating a seamless integration. Passengers also benefit from the onboard experience, with the highest levels of safety and comfort, wherever the road takes them.

New Heights of Innovation

Alfa Romeo Stelvio features a full array of cutting-edge technical solutions such as the world-class Integrated Brake System (IBS), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with pedestrian recognition and a full carbon fibre crankshaft. The active safety systems on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio contribute to intuitive driving with a range of input levels to prevent risks and avoid hazards.

First-Class Safety Systems

Alfa Romeo Stelvio offers as standard Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection and Lane Departure Warning (LDW).