New Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Comeback of Alfa Romeo's Sportiest Saloon

The New Alfa Romeo Giulia was designed, engineered and crafted by genuine Alfa Romeo sports car enthusiasts, to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding drivers. Behind its beautiful and sporty body, lies the true heart of the Alfa Romeo Giulia: advanced technology, a bold dynamic spirit and outstanding performance and efficiency. This, all balanced by a design that puts the driver and their emotions at the centre.



We call it 'meaningful beauty'. The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s substance is cloaked in style, its mechanics create emotion from the very first moment you see it. There's no drama in its design, yet every choice is dramatic for a genuine enthusiast. The Alfa Romeo Giulia brings back the essential Alfa Romeo spirit to become an 'instant classic' piece of work.

Unmistakeably Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is the result of 106 years devoted to creating automotive masterpieces. The exterior is a glorious evolution of the iconic Alfa Romeo design, both in technology and style. The 'trilobe' grille is a legendary enticement to all Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, with the 'V' shape and muscular lines signifying the power hidden under her body.

Simply Driver Centric

The cockpit of the Alfa Romeo Giulia was conceived to put the driver at the centre of all its ergonomic features. The dashboard, speedometer, gearbox and the innovative steering wheel are created to enhance the driving experience. The first thing a driver will sense once on board are the premium quality materials and the minimal, yet refined, approach of the design. No detail has been left to chance. Harmony between man and machine.

Created and Crafted in Italy

The Italian approach to design combines simplicity, quality of materials and passionate handcrafting, highlighted by the extensive use of aluminium, wood, leather, and precious stitching. The distinctive combination of luxurious upholstery and finishes creates a cockpit with a premium ambient feeling. The steering wheel is wrapped with the finest leather, featuring a unique detail: the start button, to ignite true love for the Alfa Romeo Giulia on every drive.


Don't expect vast numbers of gadgets or unimportant buttons: although the Alfa Romeo Giulia features all the latest cutting-edge technology in safety and infotainment, unnecessary additions have been left behind. Every control onboard is clear and intuitive. This puts all the attention of the driver safely on the road and on handling, with pure Alfa Romeo fun at the wheel.

Safety & Excitement Come as Standard

The Alfa Romeo Giulia combines pure passion for driving with ultimate safety systems, to leave the driver and passenger relaxed and comfortable. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) including pedestrian detection function, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Cruise Control with speed limiter are available as standard on all Giulia versions.