Fiat Punto

  • Length 4.06 m
  • Width 1.72 m
  • Height 1.44 m
  • Wheelbase 2,510 mm
  • Curb weight 1,080 kg

The new Punto is instantly recognisable. The front immediately reveals its unique style in sleek and eye-catching lines, while the bold, dynamic shape represents the perfect balance between the classic elements of its design and the contemporary features of the future.

The best technology around

The new Punto includes all the technology vital to those who need to be connected and in touch with the world at all times, including on the road making even the shortest journeys more fun and enjoyable. What’s more, it introduces two new technologies, Intelligent Alternator and Intelligent Flow.

 It’s such fun to choose. The best.

To further enhance your driving satisfaction, you can choose the exterior and interior of your own Punto. And your choice can be unique, given the quality and vast range of solutions on offer. From wheel rims to the colour of fabrics, a host of options allows you to make your Punto truly original. In detail, for everyone.

A multi award-winning engine

At the International Engine of the Year Awards, TwinAir blew the competition away, winning Engine of the Year, Best New Engine, Green Engine of the Year and Best Sub 1-litre Engine. It was only the second time that a sub 1-litre engine had taken the prestigious award. The highly regarded judging panel commented: ‘given how innovative this powerplant is, the result should come as no surprise.’

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