Alfa Romeo Mito


You’d be forgiven for thinking that the latest Alfa MiTo TwinAir model was more tree hugger than corner hugger. Well believe it or not, the all-new Alfa MiTo satisfies both modern driver requirements. Fitted with the revolutionary TwinAir engine – a compact 875cc turbo petrol engine – and MultiAir technology, the Alfa MiTo TwinAir delivers on performance with a punchy 85 bhp and 145 NM of torque whilst being the cleanest and most economical car in its class.

  • Length 4.06 m
  • Width 1.72 m
  • Height 1.44 m
  • Wheelbase?2,511 mm
  • Curb weight 1,080 kg
Less is more

Looking for low emissions and high mpg? The Alfa MiTo TwinAir engine emissions are just 98 g/km, which is zero road tax rated and just 10% BIK (the lowest possible for company car drivers). As well as being exempt from the London congestion charge. Key to the Alfa MiTo’s innovative success is the marriage between the two award winning technologies – the two-cylinder TwinAir engine, and MultiAir – winner of Best New Engine of the Year.

A multi award-winning engine

At the International Engine of the Year Awards, TwinAir blew the competition away, winning Engine of the Year, Best New Engine, Green Engine of the Year and Best Sub 1-litre Engine. It was only the second time that a sub 1-litre engine had taken the prestigious award. The highly regarded judging panel commented: ‘given how innovative this powerplant is, the result should come as no surprise.’

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